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"La Sorrentina" ™ ® Atomic Type Coffee Machine

Mid–twentieth–century Milan designer Giordano Robbiati achieved a spiritual union between form and function when he devised a new type of coffee maker in the late 1940’s.

Loved around the world, Robbiati’s patented coffee machine is a classic design of the 'Atomic Age'(1945–1960). Known simply as the ATOMIC it truly embodies the explosive energy and creativity of the post-war era of 20th Century Italian coffee machine design. Originally patented in Italy by Robbiati the design was later patented in Austria by Mr Desider Stern. Mr Stern designed multiple variants of the basic Atomic form, and his wonderful creations are now rare collectors items. His company Stella produced a wide range of fantastic Atomic models between 1948 until around 1975. Yet another version of the Atomic design was manufactured in Hungary by Mr Stern's brother in law (Qalital), and in the UK the Sassoon company designed and manufactured it own unique version of the machine. The high cost of hand production methods and changing markets saw the end of these historical Atomic coffee machine manufacturers in the mid 1980's.

It would be impossible to improve on the organic lines and sleek modernism of the basic Atomic design or to find a more versatile stovetop coffee maker. The quality and simplicity of the machine ensures trouble free operation for many, many years. The all new “La Sorrentina” Atomic type coffee machine is the result of close collaboration between Ikon Exports in Australia and the Bellman Company in Taiwan. Our goal was to produce a new coffee maker worthy of the vintage Atomics. A love of fine coffee and reverence for the beauty and functionality of the original design united us in this endeavour. After much refinement the end result is a perfect reproduction of the patented Atomic coffee machine. Our new La Sprrentina brand coffee machines are manufactured to the same specifications and dimensions as early Italian made Atomic's that date from the mid 1950's, and most parts are interchangeable.

In keeping with the original design only the best materials are used to make “La Sorrentina” coffee machines. The body is sand cast in a single piece in high grade aluminum just as original Atomic machines were manufactured. This is a labour intensive method and after casting each machine is hand polished to a high shine. Where possible improved modern materials have been employed to further enhance the functionality and durability of the coffee maker. Each machine is then hand assembled and tested to ensure perfection. “La Sorrentina” replacement parts are compatible with many vintage Atomic coffee machines and are readily available online direct from sorrentinacoffee

Each “La Sorrentina” machine is a truly wonderful coffee maker that will last a life–time with a minimum of care. You can easily produce from 2 to 6 espresso sized ‘shots’ and quickly froth and heat milk for delicious cappuccinos, etc . Ideal for the home and travel “La Sorrentina” Coffee Machines works perfectly on Gas and Electric stoves (can be used on induction stoves with an adaptor plate). Be amongst the first to experience this modern version of the iconic Atomic design. Click HERE to purchase "La Sorrentina" Coffee Makers Online. Click HERE to view our list of exclusive Australian Retail Outlets.

In addition to our premier line of "La Sorrentina" coffee makers, we also stock a large range of coffee machines of all types- from the very latest, state of the art, semi-commercial dream machines to the rarest vintage Italian lever espresso machines.

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